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Australia Global Alumni members will be able to join one of our exclusive member discussion fora.

Australia Global Alumni LinkedIn Community

The Australia Global Alumni membership offering includes access to our Australia Global Alumni LinkedIn Community.

The Global Alumni LinkedIn Community is for all past and present international students in Australia, or Australian students who have studied overseas. Use it as your gateway for building or renewing the connections you made in Australia.

Share your professional knowledge and insights with your peers around the world. Use this community as a collaborative platform to research, create and innovate with your fellow-alumni.

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Australia Global Alumni Website Members Only

Australia’s global alumni community includes people from around the world who engage in an Australian education and training experience in Australia and offshore. It also includes Australians who study, research and undertake professional development overseas.

If you are part of the Australia Global Alumni community, you have exclusive access to the members only section of the website. It features communities of practice dedicated to different discussion topics, events, professional development opportunities and more.

Alumni will also be able to: 

  • Recruit fellow-alumni for projects and collaborations
  • Connect with other researchers
  • Develop plans for their own alumni association, or find an association to join
  • Read alumni success stories, perspectives, and ideas.

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